About Us

The Mill has been a place of creativity since its owner, a British producer, took possession in 2003.

After Storm Gloria destroyed a roof in 2019, it was remodeled to benefit from that lack, rather than lack the benefit.

A private residence, the space also lends itself to gallery use, workshops, and production.

Attendance is always by appointment.


This year, we have collaborated with art advisor Thaïs Botinas to arrange a gallery programme to resonate with a new theme: illusion.

Thaïs has over 25 years of experience in the plastic arts; in creation, dissemination, curation, communication, and sales, and has collaborated with respected institutions, both public (Fundació Miró, CCCB, MACBA, TV3) and private (Fundació Pau casals, Centre de Creació l’Animal a l’esquena , MTV, Palau de Casavells).

She holds a degree in Art History from the UB and the Università de Firenze, is a PhD student from the Universiteit van Amsterdam specializing in Contemporary Art with the thesis “Net Art And Genre Stereotypes”. She has studied in five languages and seven countries.

Her curator’s vision is to defend the creative freedom of artists and their uniqueness, respecting their process rather than bending it to the demands of the market. Her intuition is to choose artists, and to connect them with public and collectors who, like her, believe that art can continue to be a vehicle of communication between individuals, an exchange of sensitivities with criteria and ethics. The arts as mystery; the mystery of the sacred.

It is no coincidence that in addition to art, her other great passion is yoga, a sacred and ancestral technique that she has practiced for 25 years. She has specialized as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2022 and created Emporiom Yoga.